Edmonton luxury condos for sale

Top 5 Luxury Condo Developments in Edmonton

If you’ve visited Edmonton in the past years you may have noticed a lot of construction. You may have also noticed many of new condo developments that have been going up as well. Edmonton’s down town core has been getting a boost and from what I understand it’s just getting started. Below is a list of the best luxury condo developments currently available in the city. (more…)

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Email vs. Social Media or Real Estate SEO: What Is Best For Real Estate Marketing?

Whether someone’s selling a home or buying a new one, real estate transactions found its new home: in the fast-paced world of the Internet. Just by adding a search term of “real estate” in your area, you will find lots of options. That’s a good thing if you’re a buyer; the more option you get, the more leverage you have for budget and dealings. But what if you’re the real estate agent? Now, that’s another story. (more…)

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Metro Manila property

Looking for Condos for Sale in the Philippines? A Foreigners Guide

Do you plan on investing in condominiums in the Philippines? Perhaps you’ve been enticed by the booming real estate sector in the Philippines. The country is one of the forefronts of economic development in Asia. Condos are generally much more in demand than the other sectors of real estate. Investing in them can significantly add coins on your pocket. A successful investment needs a lot of planning, here are some tips so you can successfully invest. (more…)

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luxury vilas for sale in Bali

Buying a luxury villa in Bali: A Guide for Retirees & Expats

Every retiree and expat want to live in a comfortable place so that they can enjoy their life without thinking of jobs anymore. Suppose you are a retiree or an expat, you may choose Bali as your best place to live. Somehow, you need a comfortable home to stay. Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia that offers unlimited beauty. Moreover, you can choose between luxury houses and villas. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur condos

5 mistakes to avoid when buying a home in Kuala Lumpur

All of us aspire to own a house at some point in our lives. It’s a big dream for us, humans and we work hard to achieve it. However, home buying is not an easy task. There are numerous things to take into account before making a final decision. It can be very confusing and daunting. While we would like to make a good investment in homes, only a few arrive at the right choice and create real wealth by making the right decisions. (more…)

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Mistakes You Should Never Make When Renting a Room in Belair Luxembourg

Renting a room in a fast growing city can be very challenging and can end up making you frustrated. You should not get overexcited that you are getting room to stay alone and perhaps be far away from your troubling roommates or parents. Whether you are renting a room to stay for a long or short term, you should always ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. Belair in Luxembourg City is one area where many people are settling, both professionals and businesspeople. An average person is looking for space, which is affordable and is in considerable proximity to their workplace and social amenities. (more…)

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Lamai Villas

Lamai Villas is located on the northern tip of Koh Samui’s Lamai Beach. Choose from eight secluded villas, each with its own salt water swimming pool. The villas benefit from one, two, three or four spacious bedrooms, and are set in the lush surrounds of a private walled garden. For price enquiries and secure online booking please follow the link here. (more…)

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