July 31, 2021

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Airbnb Management of Multiple Listings!

Managing multiple Airbnb listings can be overwhelming for hosts. You can either choose to have an individual account for each listing, or else, you can have multiple listings in the same account. Either way, the whole task of Airbnb property management can get complicated. In this post, we have five very essential tips that can come handy!

Pros and cons of having a single account

If your listings are meant for the same demographic area, having a single account is not a bad idea. However, many Airbnb managers have properties in different cities and regions, and more often than not, the audiences are also different. In such cases, a single Airbnb account might not work. Also, with single account, one has to be more wary of reviews. Bad Airbnb guest reviews can impact all listings, and there’s little you can do. Airbnb hosts who have multiple listings and more properties are often under scrutiny, depending on the local laws and regulations.

Pros and cons of having multiple accounts

If you want to be on the safe side, multiple accounts is another option, but the whole process of management can be extremely complicated. You need to log in and check every account in person and must manage bookings, cancellations and guest communication at the same time. As far as time management is concerned, there isn’t much you can do because the tasks are way too many. Also, Airbnb is smart enough to understand that you can accessing many accounts from the same IP address, so chances of getting banned are high.

Should you hire a manager?

Let’s get real here – Hosts with limited listings often don’t have the resources to hire a manager for their Airbnb business. They are already struggling with competition and other aspects of guest management, which can make things difficult. Also, hiring a manager may not easy your worries completely. You will still need to find time to oversee your business, and at times, you may not realize that your properties are being used in ways you didn’t expect in the first place.

Getting vacation rental software

With software solutions like AirGMS, which are designed specifically for managing Airbnb listings, you can certainly do better. Yes, you need to pay a price for the software, but the costs are less than what you would pay otherwise for a manager. With deep integration, vacation rental software makes it easy to manage many accounts and listings at the same time. You will have templates for guest reviews, special features for managing communication and messages, a comprehensive dashboard that will allow you to have access to everything. Depending on the features and highlights, you can have a multi-calendar dashboard, with auto notifications, so that you don’t miss a thing.

With a  vacation rental software like AirGMS, hosts can make time for everything that needs their attention. Also, it automates a lot of the regular and manual tasks, which is a great advantage!