July 31, 2021

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Arabian Ranches Villas

The Arabian Ranches Villas are by themselves mystifying as the residents live in a desert paradise theme. The Arabian Ranches is a paradise itself, of a community based on luxury and the modern way of urban living.

There are a number of types of Arabian Ranches Villas, each unique and exuding a sense of adventure as only the desert can give. Here are the villas to be found in this exciting new community.

For those who have a taste for Portuguese style, The Alvorada villas have been designed with that in mind. It has terracotta roofs and stylish turrets that speaks of being Portuguese. It features dome-shaped windows and doorways and curved walls.

These villas are available in a three bedroom or five bedroom floor plan, but these are both spacious from the master bedroom to the dining and living area. Private balconies are also standard features. There are beautifully landscaped gardens and add to these the tranquil atmosphere of the whole Arabian Ranches Villas and you will truly feel you are living in a desert paradise that is all your own.

Arabian Ranches Villas

Another villa type is The Al Mahra which is a collection luxury villas. These have an Arabian inspired architectural design and are located on the Desert Course. There are 10 different floor plans to suit the living space requirements of every home buyer.

These villas are designed to perfectly blend with its environment in the Arabian Ranches Villas and as such feature desert tones with Mashrabia details infused into the design. Everywhere you look you can definitely see the Arabic styles incorporated into the overall look and feel of the villa from the domes to the archway and the Gypsum ornaments.

Another beautiful type of villa among the Arabian Ranches Villas is The Gazelle. The whole phase covers an expansive 208 acres of land and facing the lovely lake. This luxurious villa has three sections or themes and inspired by both the Spanish and Arabic cultures.

The most popular of the villas here are the The Hattan Villas which can also be found on the Desert Golf Course. These villas feature traditional Arabian and modern architectural styles combined. Each unit comes with a terrace and an enclosed courtyard, adding to the elegance and exclusivity of the villa.

The La Coleccion Villas are beautiful houses with Spanish inspirations evident on their architectural designs. Available in two-storey detached single family units, these villas are located next to the Desert Golf Course.

Arabian Ranches Villas

The other units are The Palmera, a single family attached villa that are Spanish-inspired. Floor area of these units start from 1,889 square feet to 2,936 square feet. Next is The Saheel, a spacious villa available from 3,166 up to 5,308 square feet area. There are three or five bedroom unit options.

Another are The Saheel Golf Homes which are overlooking the Desert Golf Course, ideal for all the golf enthusiasts. There are three or five bedroom units for these villas and the area ranges from 4,849 square feet to 5,308 square feet.

And the last of the Arabian Ranches Villas are The Savannah villas which are the more luxurious of the other types. There are equestrian and polo grounds for those who are into such recreation, the world class golf course as well as spa facilities for those who would like to relax.