July 31, 2021

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Buying Direct From Desperate Sellers

Divorce, emigrating, downsizing, wanting to sell fast to secure a dream home, and of course financial difficulties … all produce ‘desperate sellers’. As we stated earlier, for the first time in years the pendulum has swung. The property market is swinging from a ’sellers market’ to a ‘buyers market’. Why?

There are a growing number of people with serious debt problems. Interest rates are rising. The housing market has slowed down. The media have started ’scaremongering’. And this is good news, really good news, for property investors. Especially if you buy direct from one these ‘desperate sellers’.

We have been able to negotiate up to 20% off the asking price for excellent property in very good buy to let locations. This was simply not possible 12 months ago. If you are first time investor, this is an excellent opportunity to start your property portfolio at a discount and it gives you the perfect opportunity for ‘gearing up’.

Experienced investors do not need convincing that there are now excellent investment opportunities waiting. That is why we believe that NOW is a very good time to invest. You can buy Investment Property NOW direct from the vendor at 20% below market value!