July 31, 2021

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How do we source property to your personal requirements?

We do this by asking you to specify exactly the type of investment property you are looking to add to your portfolio, for example … Maximum valuation, maximum total investment, type of property, no. of beds, age of property, minimum net rental income (after mortgage, management fee and buildings insurance), condition of property (most investors want ‘ready to rent’ – and we can guarantee this) + any other sourcing ‘conditions’ that you may have.

Obviously – if we cannot fulfill your requirements we do not undertake a sourcing instruction.

If we can fulfill your instructions we will offer you any matching property that we find – and offer you that property exclusively for three days.

Offering you the property exclusively – rather than emailing that property to a database of 100’s or 1000’s of investors – is a unique part of our Property Investment Service.

Emailing properties to a large database of investors – on a first come first served basis – is the standard way that investment properties are offered to investors.

If you are interested in a property – you are under pressure to make a quick decision – and quick decisions in property investment can prove very costly.

By comparison – with our Property Investment Service – you have three days to exclusively consider a property and you are under no obligation to accept that property if it does not tick all of your investment boxes.

When we offer you a property we provide a very comprehensive 12 page property report which – amongst other information – contains external photo’s + photo’s of every internal room (inc hallways and stairs) + a written description of the condition of each room with a star rating from 1-5.

Our condition descriptions and star ratings are always very open and honest – we tell it as it is. We will also itemise any work that we will do to put the property in ready to rent condition.

Unlike most sourcing companies who negotiate internet/advertising leads purely over the phone – we will have visited every property that we offer and we take all photographs shown in our property details.

And – unlike many sourcing companies – we only source property in areas where we have local knowledge of the property and rental market.

Once you are offered a property you can ask us any questions, visit the property if you wish but – if it does not ‘tick all of the boxes’ – you can ‘pass’ and we will keep sourcing and offering property for you until a property does tick all of the boxes.

house value

Once you accept a property you have these guarantees:
1. if you are not happy with the valuation (and therefore the purchase price we are offering) you can decline to proceed at no cost to you.
2. we will quote a market rent and we guarantee this is the minimum rent we will achieve.
3. we guarantee that if we don’t tenant your property – at the minimum rent – by the time the first mortgage payment is due – we will pay your mortgage.

Our management fee is just 10% inc vat of the monthly rent.