July 31, 2021

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Looking for Condos for Sale in the Philippines? A Foreigners Guide

Do you plan on investing in condominiums in the Philippines? Perhaps you’ve been enticed by the booming real estate sector in the Philippines. The country is one of the forefronts of economic development in Asia. Condos are generally much more in demand than the other sectors of real estate. Investing in them can significantly add coins on your pocket. A successful investment needs a lot of planning, here are some tips so you can successfully invest.

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Where should you start?

  1. The first thing you should consider is your budget or price range. The average price range for condos for sale in the Philippines is in between 100,000 PHP and 5 million PHP. You should look for a condominium that is slightly lower than your price range. This will ensure that you have back-up funds. There are cases wherein something in your condo needs to be fixed, or that the developer suddenly changes their mind about the price. You need to be ready for this.
  1. Secondly is the location of your condominium. No one wants to live in a condominium 5 kilometers away from the nearest hospital or supermarket. Depending on the location of your condo, you’ll either get a lot of clients or none at all. A bustling city is often a good area for a condo as there are lots of people in need of housing.
  1. After that, know what your target demographic is. Simply, you should know who you should sell your services. This will allow you to entice those of your target market easier. If you are investing in a luxury condominium, then you should sell and advertise it towards the upper-class.

What you should remember is that just because the higher class tend to pay more, it doesn’t mean you’ll garner more profit. Sometimes, it is better to choose the lower and middle classes as your target.

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  1. Next, check the developer of the condo. You wouldn’t want to see chipping paint as soon as you enter your unit, do you? Some developers cut corners to reduce the cost of constructing the property.

It is best that you look for the developer’s previous projects. Look at their ratings; don’t be tempted by low prices. Some developers, however, can create amazing projects with low costs. That’s why you should take your time in searching for trusted developers.

  1. Lastly, you should prepare for the long term. Do you want to profit from the condo little by little, month by month? Or do you want to profit in one sweep and resell the property? You should plan, lest you’ll end up owning a condo that’s spending more money than it is generating.

Metro Manila property

It is always a risk to invest in anything. However, the Philippine economy is steadily gaining traction against other countries in South-east Asia. You will surely not regret investing. As the economy gains traction, the demand for condominiums and real estate will continue to increase. Do the right call and invest now, else you’ll miss out on this wonderful chance.