July 31, 2021

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Edmonton luxury condos for sale

Top 5 Luxury Condo Developments in Edmonton

If you’ve visited Edmonton in the past years you may have noticed a lot of construction. You may have also noticed many of new condo developments that have been going up as well. Edmonton’s down town core has been getting a boost and from what I understand it’s just getting started. Below is a list of the best luxury condo developments currently available in the city.

1.) Lessard House (Oliver Square, River Valley, Victoria Golf Course):

This is probably the most prestigious luxury condo development available in the city. It’s located very close to the core of the city and nothing short of breath taking. Prices range from $600,000 – $4,000,000+ and currently has a few vacancies.

2.) The Carlisle (Oliver, River Valley):

Known as one of the older luxurious buildings, The Carlisle is a very well known community, with some of the biggest condos available (up to approx. 5,000 sq ft).

Edmonton luxury condos for sale

3.) Peregrine Point (Down town, Golf, River Valley):

Peregrine Point is another beautiful development located in down town Edmonton that also has large living spaces. Some of the suites look incredible with ceilings up to 22′ and very finely detailed finishing by their craftsman.

4.) Properties on High Street (Westmount, Golf, River Valley):

Located in Westmount, this condo development is fairly popular despite it’s distance from the city’s core. The majority of the furnishing is very modern while the suites are also very spacious.

5.) Glenora Skyline (Glenora, Schools, Shopping):

This is one of the newer developments to pop up last past year. Glenora Skyline is opening up it’s doors and will probably be one of the nicest communities in the city. From the way it is designed it’s kind of has it’s own town or neighbourhood feel to it. Which is what sets it apart from other developments in the Edmonton.

Edmonton luxury condos

Honourable Mentions
Below is a list of notable mentions or luxury condo residences that are still in the pre-construction phase. (no particular order)
Grand Scala Luxury Condos
Icon II
Pearl Tower
Symphony Tower
Mac-Trac Lofts
Uptown Estates

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