July 31, 2021

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Top ways to add value to your home

There are quite a few ways to improve your home. These are my tops tips. BMV Property is big one for not having these done.

1. Paint your home.

You will want to paint your home. You will need to paint it in some neutral colours like white or a light green. Do not let your artistic side take over because not everyone has the same taste you do so you make like a room dark blue but the other person may hate it so it will put the person off from buying your home because painting that over will mean more work for them, and no buyer wants to move into a house and have to do work on it.

2. Build a conservatory

Building a conservatory will add living space and more importantly living space. A buyer isn’t interested with the amount of rooms your house has got they are more interested in the amount of usable space in your home. But be careful you do not want to build a conservatory that looks like you have just bolted it on. You need a conservatory that matches the style of your house. This can add considerable value to your home. This is also a good idea if you are looking for a fast house sale. This is a good way into enticing UK property investment.

3. Improve your kitchen

If you are going to spruce up one room in your home make sure it is the kitchen because it is the kitchen that it now the most used room in the house because people do their home work in it, they cook in it, the watch T.V there, the host dinner parties there, so on and so on. But do not go out and buy a £30,000 for a £500,000 property because you will not see your money at the other end. Equally do not spend £10,000 on a kitchen when the house is worth £1,000,000 because that will lower the value of that home. If you are interested in no money down deals look for houses like this.